Download Fortnite and enjoy the simple shooter battle royale gaming experience from a third-person perspective. Everyone can enjoy an unmatched global phenomenon spread out across various international platforms. Furthermore, you can build, survive, and conquer the competition to achieve a "Victory Royale"! Download and play now.
Epic Games has brought an amazing game where you dive into a large map to compete for survival. But, there’s a twist involved that differentiates this game from other Battle Royales. You can build your own structures and defences to also give you a competitive edge.

Detailed Review of the Game


Fortnite is a simple shooter game that has evolved into a battle royale phenomenon during the past few years. This game successfully evolved from being a low shooter game to one of the most recognizable and biggest brands.

It is important to note that Fortnite was developed and published by Epic Games. Epic Games did not only develop this game but have also shown that it is here to stay. Fortnite is the best game download if you are looking for a constantly evolving and engrossing game.

One of the major features the game boasts of is the sense of atmosphere and striking aesthetic. The game also boasts of a creative combination of building and gunplay, with a constantly rewarding progression system.

Fortnite is more than just a game; it has evolved into a digital space and a metaverse for players. In this game, players can witness virtual events, and also construct virtual structures. All of these are done in order to move forward in the game.

The level of popularity of this game has made it possible for Epic Games to go further than others. Fortnite is currently one of the best battle royale games on the planet today. The game promises to deliver more for its players in the nearest future.

It is important to note that the game only started as a multiplayer shooter game with modes that are narrative-driven. This implies that players join forces to fight hordes of enemies. It was with a great personality even though it had a fewer audience.


The whole trend changed with the development of PUBG, as well as the adoption of battle royale. This allowed Epic Games to change their initial shooter game into a battle royale game. Fortnite increased in popularity within a very short period.

There are other factors that contributed to the popularity of this game. This includes the introduction of new seasons in the game, which was backed by themes, bespoke aesthetic, and in-game stories. Epic Games remained innovative and continuously pioneered ideas, most of which are adopted.

Amazing Game Modes

The game currently has different game modes, but they all make use of the same game engine. It is also worth noting that they use similar assets, graphics, and game mechanics. Here is an overview of the different game modes:

Fortnite: Save the World

This mode involves four players who will work together to achieve common goals and objectives. These players would complete different missions in this mode. Save the World mode of this game has engaging gameplay.


The game begins after a fluke storm causes damage to the earth. This led to the disappearance of over 90% of the earth’s population. The four players will then join forces to fight against zombie-like creatures.

In this mode of the game, you will assume the role of a commander. You’ll collect resources, defend equipment, and save more survivors. It is important to note that the equipment will help you to push back the storm. Some of the equipment will also help you to get more information about the storm.

You’ll receive different in-game items after each mission. Some of the items you would receive include trap schematics, weapons, survivors, and hero characters. It is important to note that they can all be leveled up to gain more experience, and this mode is a PvE game.

Fortnite Battle Royale

This is also another amazing version of the game, and it is a PvP game. In this mode, there are up to 100 players, implying that you’ll battle against 99 players. This mode also has its own different modes, namely the Duo, the Solo, and the Squad mode.

In the Solo mode, you’ll battle against other players along. The Duo mode involves you teaming up with two other players while the squad mode involves four players.


Players begin this mode without weapons, and the game begins when these players land on the game’s map. Therefore, players are required to go in search for weapons as soon as they land on the game’s map. They must also gather other resources and items, including vehicles.

Vehicles are very important for survival in this mode. You can also use them to attack other players and eliminate them.

There is a safe area in this game, and players must always stay within this area. The safe area reduces in size during the game, and the aim is to bring players closer to each other. This will make it easier for players to find their enemies and eliminate them.

The ultimate goal of the battle royale mode is to be the last player or team standing.

Fortnite Creative


This is another interesting mode, which is a sandbox mode. Fortnite Creative is similar to Minecraft, especially with respect to the gameplay. In this mode, players are given complete freedom, which allows them to do anything. Players can spawn anything in the game.

In Fortnite Creative, players can create games like racecourses, battle arenas, platforming challenges, and many more. There are so many interesting things about this mode, and it allows players to display their creativity.

Fortnite: Save the World was released in 2017, Battle Royale, in 2017 also. However, the Fortnite Creative was released in 2018.