Download GTA Vice City and climb to the top of different criminal organizations. Take up and complete missions to earn money and get other exciting rewards.

An Overview of The Game

GTA Vice City is a 2002 action-adventure game set in Miami Vice City with a 1980s plot. The game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.


Following its release, it quickly recorded the fastest sales among all the games produced by Rockstar. The massive sales can be attributed to the incredible 3D graphics, the awesome plot, the engaging gameplay and the realistic control physics.

Vice City is a single-player game that is played from a third-person perspective. The story centers around Tommy Vercetti, a notorious criminal and drug dealer who had just finished his prison sentence. He then sets out to retake his place as the king of the city despite all odds.

What Makes GTA Vice City Amazing?

The amazing nature of GTA Vice City can be attributed to many reasons, including its 3D graphics, fascinating plot and dynamic gameplay. Successful completion of challenges requires both strategy and wits to maneuver. Every moment spent playing GTA Vice City ensures that players remain constantly engaged.

If you seek an unmatched, all-round realistic gaming experience, GTA Vice City is the best game option for you. It features an outstanding open-world concept and is enjoyable whether you are playing for fun, or otherwise. You get to outwit notorious thugs to become the leader of the criminal empire in your city.

Basics of GTA Vice City

The game is loaded with about 100 distinct packages hidden in different places on the map. Bonuses are earned when these hidden packages are collected. Asides the main missions in the story, there are extra missions. While some of these extra missions are just side quests, you must accomplish the others to complete the story. As you progress through the game, several missions and jobs will be unlocked.

When you find a skull icon, you can go on a rampage. You will then be required to kill a certain number of gang members within a limited time.

The stats help you to keep track of your progress in the game. They can also be used to know your location at a particular time in the game. You can find your stats in the pause menu.


Various statistics are provided on the stats screen, and these also include the wacky and sadistic ones. You can keep track of all the statistics provided from the stats screen.

The number of vehicles you have wrecked, people you have killed, and your game progress can be tracked. You can also discover your favorite radio station and what you have cost the police department.

As you commit more crimes, your wanted level will increase, drawing the attention of the law enforcement agency to you. They will then continue to trail you until you lose them, get busted or die while trying to escape. The higher your wanted level, the more the number and power of the law enforcement agencies that will try to track you down.

Tips to Note for GTA Vice City Players

Below are some of the basic tips to make your game experience more enjoyable.



Money is of great importance in GTA Vice City, just as it is in real-life scenarios. You will need money to purchase essentials like cars, mansions, outfits, and hideouts. Carrying a lot of money will not only come in handy, but it will also give you a good outlook.

Personal Safety

Vice City is filled with criminals and has a high crime rate, and this explains why always carrying a weapon is a necessity for survival. But you should note that only one of each type of weapon can be carried at a time. Current weapons can however, be replaced with newer ones.

Weapons that can be used in this game are diverse, including handguns, knives, and melee weapons.

Places to Stay

Vice City has a wider variety of hotels. Some are however, not as appealing as the others. The most recommended hotel to lodge in GTA Vice City is the Ocean View Hotel. This is because it has a discreet nature and provides high comfort. It will thus, provide a good abode when you arrive in town.



The character you will be playing is designed with stamina, which can be used to move faster. The control for this feature depends on the type of device being used to play the game. Using your stamina to move faster is a great way to stay fit while playing.


This is where you go when you want to claim your right to own and carry about a weapon. GTA Vice City has many ammu-nation where various types of weapons can be bought. New ammu-nation are unlocked as you complete missions and progress in the game.

Phil’s Place

Unlike ammu-nation, this is your best bet to purchase heavy-duty weaponry. Access to Phil’s place is gotten only after completing Phil Cassidy’s mission. To complete this mission, you have to follow the storyline.

Cars and Motorcycles

Several beautiful vehicles are featured in GTA Vice City. You can select the best rides to look cool and classy. There is also a provision to select vehicles that match your outfit.



This place is your sure bet after you get in trouble or mess with the wrong people. Whenever your wanted level is high, or you are trying to stay clear of attention, paying a visit to Vice City’s Pay’n’Spray is a sure solution.


GTA Vice City not only has a fascinating game plot and unique game setting, but it also offers interesting and engaging gameplay. Download GTA Vice City now to take on and complete missions and win exciting rewards.