Download Minecraft now to play in an infinite game world with unlimited freedom. Determine how you want to play the game.

A Detailed Review of the Game

Minecraft is for you if you are looking for a game with unlimited possibilities and maximum gaming freedom. This is a creation of Mojang Studios responsible for developing and publishing the game. Other media establishments contributed to the publishing of the game.

In 2011, this game was released and made available on different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and OS X. This game is available in both single and multiplayer modes.


The major genres of the game include survival and sandbox.

It is worth mentioning that this is a blocky 3D and procedurally generated world that boasts of an infinite terrain. Players will explore this world to discover different items, extract raw materials, and also craft tools.

The game brings to players different modes, and each determines how you would play the game. For example, you can compete or work with different players. Another option is to battle against programmed mobs. The game modes are the creative mode and the sandbox mode.

Players are offered with infinity resources in the creative mode. In the survival mode, players are to acquire different resources and other items. The aim is to use the collected items to build worlds and also to maintain the player’s heath. What’s amazing about the different modes is that players can modify items, mechanics, assets, and even the gameplay.

Minecraft currently boasts as being the best-selling game in 2020. This is backed by a record of 200 million copies sold. The game also has up to 120 million users.

Minecraft is not only known for offering an infinite world. It is also known for all the awards it has won, and those it was only showed in. This game got inducted in 2020 to the World Game Hall of Fame. The game is also currently one of the greatest video games.

Different Game Modes


One of the major things Minecraft is known for is that it offers different game modes. These game modes are as follows:

Survival Mode

In this mode, you’ll gather different natural resources like stones and wood, all of which are scattered in the game. Players will use these items to craft different items and blocks.

Many different difficulties, and monsters will spawn with respect to these difficulties. It is important to note that the radius in which the monsters will spawn also depends on the difficulty. Therefore, players have to build structures and shelter for protection against these monsters.

In this mode, there is a health bar. This health bar reduces when a player falls, suffocate, is attacked by mobs, drowns, starve, or because of other events. There is also a hunger bar in this mode, and as such, players must feed regularly in this mode.


Another thing to note is that the hunger bar will not automatically regenerate if it completely depletes. Also, the health bar will regenerate if a player eats in-game food. There are different types of items that players can craft in this mode. For example, tools, weapons, and armor for attack and defense.

The survival mode also has an inventory system to control the number of items a player can carry. There’s an important point is items in the inventory will be dropped if a player dies. Another thing to note is that players will only respawn at their spawn point.

Hardcore Mode

This is another variant of the survival mode of the game. However, it is only unlocked at the hardest level of the game.

This mode has a permadeath feature. Therefore, when players die, they can’t do anything with the game. The players will then be switched back to a spectator mode where they can delete or travel the world.

Creative Mode

This mode gives players the permission to every item and resource in the game, and this is through the inventory. It allows players to instantly remove and place items. This mode offers more flexibility to players.

Also, players are not affected by starvation or attacks in the creative mode of the game. With this mode, players can place more focus on building structures and projects without disturbance from mobs.

Adventure Mode


With this mode, players can experience user-crafter adventures and custom maps. Its gameplay is familiar with the one of survival mode. However, the adventure mode has some restrictions, and these restrictions depend on the map’s creator.

Spectator Mode

In this mode, players can only watch the gameplay and fly around. Players will not be in direct interaction with the game. This mode lacks an inventory, but players can teleport to view other players in the game.

Multiplayer Mode

It is important to note that all the modes mentioned above are played in the single-player. The multiplayer mode can be accessed through local split-screen, LAN play, servers, and direct game-to-game multiplayer.

This mode is amazing because it increases the interaction level in the single game world. You’ll be able to communicate with players in the multiplayer mode. There are different multiplayer servers, and players can also own their servers or use hosting providers.



This is a best-selling game because of several reasons, including its amazing sound and 3D graphics. Download the game now to explore the infinite terrain and unlimited freedom.